Tuningi Ranger’s Journal November 2017

By Jacques on December 2, 2017

A Warm Madikwe hallo to everyone,

We had amazing guests this month, with amazing sights and great weather. Its been very hot, and getting warmer, but we had a little rain to help the vegetation along and help the animals with a bit of water. It has gotten very dry with the heat over the past month, so the waterholes have been very active with wild life.

Elephants have been a daily occurrence at our waterhole. Swimming, drinking and giving the guest a lot of mid day  entertainment.

muddy eles 1

muddy eles 6

muddy eles 4

muddy eles 10

muddy eles 8

The male Cheetahs have been around, marking as they go and then jumping on top of a termite mound to rest with a nice view of the plains. Always eager to strike a nice pose.

The three females are still in the boma and we will keep you updated with their status every month.

Phinda cheetah on termite mound 3

Phinda cheetah on termite mound 2

Phinda cheetah on termite mound 1

Lions, Lions, Lions. Everybody loves these massive cats and deservedly so. The cubs are doing very well and the older ones are almost ready to start hunting with mom. The younger ones are still super playful. The pride is all over the place at the moment but we still get good sightings off all off them.

Cubs on mound 2

Cubs on mound 4

Cubs on mound 3

We have been blessed with great Leopard sightings this month. Tsala’s cub has been spotted a few times and he looks healthy and strong. We are cautiously optimistic about his future since he would be the first cub she raises to adulthood. We have seen her a few times, chilling in a tree and once even hunting and killing an Impala. Munye has also been out and about and seems to be settling in the south.

Tsalas cub on kampa 2

Tsalas cub on kampa 1

Tsala on sesobe 3

Tsala kills impala 3

Tsala kills impala 5

munye rests 1

munye rests 3

Happy holidays to everyone. Be safe where ever you travels take you. And remember, we are always awaiting you return.

Kind Regards

Jacques and the T-Team

Wild Dog puppy smiling 1

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