Tuningi Ranger’s Journal April 2017

By Tuningi Safari Lodge on May 3, 2017

Another newsletter after our long absence.

The mornings are getting cooler by the day and we’ve had a few spectacular misty mornings.

You never realize how many spider webs are around until they are covered in dew.  You get to see all the different types of webs and sometimes the spiders.  This is a combination of Tent web Spiders.

Tropical Flats



Misty Chimbro1

Our local pride of lions have split up into smaller groups for a few days but then the whole family will reunited after some alone time.  The youngsters of about one year old went on an exploring mission for about a week but then needed the safety of the pride again.

Growing up

The leopards were not easy to locate over the past month but Munye did show himself a few times.  He was seen on the southern fence walking up and down which could mean that he is looking for better opportunities.  Hopefully he will stick around.


In some areas of the park the long grass is thinning out, making it a bit easier to spot the animals.

Slow Feed

However a Cheetah on top of a dead tree are much easier to see.

Uncofortable Height

We had another stunning visit to the Tswene Tswene in the middle of Madikwe, one of my favorite views in the park.

Enselsberg atop.1

Enselsberg atop.3

In between all the big and exciting things we saw there were also the unexpected.

Little jump

Hope you all enjoy reading about our adventure as much as I did.


Cornelius and the T-Team

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