Tsala Strikes Again

By gavintonkinson on November 20, 2013

Hi All,

Tsala, our resident leopardess, has provided us with a great sighting, as she managed to hoist an impala she killed into a tree. She has become extremely relaxed over the last 4 years, thanks to some relentless respect from all the guides in the area, and the fruits of our works are paying off, and she is allowing us into her secretive world.



Hopefully she meets the monster of a male that lives in her territory, and has another cub or two, and hopefully she raises them successfully this time around. We are not sure what happened to her last cub (Feb 18 2013) seen below.

Tshala and cub on inkwe 10


We will be keeping a very close eye on her in the future, and we will bring you more news shortly about her movements.