Awesome last 2 Days !!

By gavintonkinson on November 23, 2013

Hi Guys,

We have had a cracker last 2 days here at Tuningi Safari Lodge, and the sightings are pumping !!

We will start off with the pride from the north west of the park, just resting off their massively full bellies, as they had killed 2 wildebeest. The youngsters were all lying around the big male, and the sunset which followed was epic !!

Kgala and cubs 1

We then had some amazing and jaw dropping sightings of Tsala our resident leopardess, as she had finished off an impala a few days ago, but we also had a splendid sighting of her yesterday afternoon, as she was relaxing in a marula tree with a new zebra kill !! All this was going on while the 2 Naledi male lions were roaring and finishing off their own kill in the background.

Tsala on Voortrekker 1We have also had some very cute sightings of new born elephants, and they seem to be enjoying the new summer vegetation growth coming through strongly now after the rain we had a couple days ago.

baby ele 1Then our 4 cheetah boys are impressing everyone with their grace, and we enjoyed their presence yesterday morning, when they were located with full bellies, cleaning themselves up before padding down for the day to sleep it off !!

Cheetah on ophir loop 1So, hopefully the weekend will bring us more amazing sights .