And it just keeps getting better !!

By gavintonkinson on November 24, 2013

Good Day all,

So, yesterday we had an awesome drive, but this morning might have even eclipsed this one, as we start with an amazing sunrise to get the eyes working properly after a strong cup of coffee at the lodge.

sunrise on phiri link


Then we went off in search of the Jamala pride, and after a quick tracking session, we located them all in a very playful mood with the cubs chasing each other around, and even climbing up trees, thinking they are leopards.

Jamal cub in tree



Then  we bumped into some old “Dagga Boys” also known as buffalo bulls, and they gave us the “taxman” stare for a while before continuing on their feeding frenzy.

The 4 cheetah boys were next, and we enjoyed their majestic ways, as they had a drink at some very orange coloured water.

After this we were searching for a rhino, but we did not find any old rhino… it was a big black rhino male, and he entertained us for 30 mins, as he came closer to inspect the intruders in his turf.

cheetahs drink


Till tomorrow….