Sweet ending to a quiet morning

By gavintonkinson on November 16, 2013

Hi Guys,

This morning started off with an amazing sunrise, and some cooler temperatures, as the storm clouds are building, hopefully to bring us some good rain very soon. There was not too much on the m ove this morning for some reason, and we struggled to find any tracks of any animals, but out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a pied crow acting strangely. He was flying in circles, and then dipped to the ground and sat there for some time before taking to the air again in full voice. Now sometimes these crows will give away the tell tale signs of a predator on a kill somewhere, but it was not until 2 hyenas also came out of the same direction that my suspicions were confirmed, and we went offroad to investigate.

mica and jamala on kierieklapper 1

Well, the ” bush vine” did not lie, and we soon located the Jamala and Mica lionesses and their 9 cubs feeding of the remains of a zebra. Always nice to be surprised at how efficient the bush can be !!

mica and jamala on kierieklapper 2