Tuningi Newsletter February 2011

By gavintonkinson on February 1, 2011

Greetings from the lovely Bushveld in Africa once again!

With February being famous for being the month of love, we have once again been astounded by the way our lovely continent can effortlessly touch people’s hearts! Almost every single guest who visits our Lodge leaves with a promise to return as soon as they possibly can! This is because they all realize that they have fallen unashamedly in love with Africa during their brief visit. How privileged we are to be able to play a part in this kind of love affair time and time again.

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As always, we got to meet and spoil so many people. The grown-ups enjoyed the game drives, fabulous food and wine, a massage or two and of course the peace and quiet while we were entertaining their kids, painting t-shirts, creating all kinds of arty animals out of clay and going on treasure hunts! We have to admit though that this month the Mundi family took working with play dough to a whole new level, by using natural sticks, leaves and stones to support their brilliant creations. We will most definitely try and keep up the good work!

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I asked Grant to tell you more about the game drives:
This was another good month at Tuningi. The sightings were out of this world once again, especially the big cats. We had lions playing in water, climbing trees and a leopard stalking and catching a water terrapin one night.

I must say that the spotting of the game is quite difficult with all the tall grass and thick bush. Despite this we had exiting times on safari. One morning after a hefty thunderstorm we decided to go south in search of the South Western lion pride. We found them on the main road playing in a huge puddle of water. It was like we were watching the swamp lions of the Delta

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A few days after this eventful morning one of the Lionesses in the north decided to show her brand new cubs. We think that they are not even 2 months old yet. We felt so honored that she had the confidence to bring out her cubs and share this special moment with us. She has been hanging around lately so we get to see her quite often.

Not long after our great afternoon with the cubs we spent about 2 hours all on our own with the South Western pride again. They had just finished a zebra kill and decided to cool off again. Even mom joined in on the fun.

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On a more serious note ……we witnessed the two Naledi brothers tugged into one another on a cloudy afternoon. They are with two females in the east at the moment and there was no love lost between the brothers. When it comes to the females, male lions want them all for themselves, sometimes to extreme results of injury. Luckily they normally recover sooner than seems possible. Till next time!

Cheers, Grant


Join Photo-Africa as we set out to photograph one of the most endangered animals in Africa. The Madikwe Game Reserve is, apart from being one of the premiere Big 5 reserves in South Africa, one of the best places to see and photograph the charismatic African Wild Dog in the wild.

From 5 to 9 May 2011, Tuningi Safari Lodge will play host to our photographic safari with the main goal of photographing Madikwe’s Wild Dogs.

And on that note, we say goodbye till next month! We hope that you will also get a chance to come and visit soon. Just consider yourself warned… you will be hooked in no time at all!

Warmest regards,
Heidi and the fabulous T-team

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