The Ultimate “Hide” Out

By Focus Online Team on June 21, 2023

Here at Tuningi, we want our guests to feel spoiled with luxurious amenities, but still feel comfortable enough to grab a book from the library and make themselves at home in the main lounge area of the lodge. Our facilities are designed to bring you the best of both worlds: Privacy and community. Alone time and togetherness. Rest and engagement. When you aren’t soaking up some R&R from the comfort of your beautifully appointed suite, what else can you look forward to here at Tuningi Safari Lodge?

Game Viewing Hide

If we could pick a commodity that is most precious to us here in the bush, it’s silence. There is a unique thrill to waking up to the sounds of bird calls and spending a few moments by yourself, overlooking the water hole, before participating in the routine of the day. If you’re an early riser, make your way to our underground hide with a steaming cup of coffee. Here you can cocoon yourself in silence as you watch the world around you come to life.

Our hide is a unique feature that we’re incredibly proud of, and we just know you’ll love it, too! Overlooking an active water hole just adjacent to the lodge, this hide gives you a perspective on animals that come here to drink. Being on the same level as wildlife, especially large animals like elephants, gives you new appreciation for the sheer size of these mammals. Other water hole regulars include giraffe, zebra, buffalo, kudu and impala. Of course, we can’t forget birds! From this unique vantage point, you’ll be able to hear, and then spot, some beautiful feathered friends.

Naturally, this is a fantastic place to snap some wonderful images during your time at Tuningi Safari Lodge. There’s no telling what you might capture, and we highly recommend a wide-angle lens for getting the most leverage out of this vantage point.

For those who prefer the golden light of sunset, sip on a G&T as you watch animals come in to drink before dusk. Again, this hour is wonderful for taking stunning pictures, or simply relaxing and enjoying the last few hours of daylight. Water holes are places of gathering in the bush, and with our unique hide, you’ll feel as though you’re attending the party!

Other Lodge Facilities For Your Enjoyment

Main Lodge: This beautiful thatched building is the beating heart of Tuningi. It houses the lounge, dining room, wine and bar cellar, library and, for those who need their daily dose of tech, the main lodge also offers WiFi and has a satellite television.

Gym: Staying active is important to many of our guests, so we’ve brought the gym to you in the heart of the bush.

Library: There’s nothing like curling up with a good book to let you know that you are well and truly on holiday!

Boma: Set underneath an ancient fig tree, the boma is the perfect setting for swapping stories around a roaring log fire at night.

Viewing Deck: Leading off from the main lodge, our viewing deck overlooks an active water hole and has a beautiful rim-flow pool. From here you’ll follow the wooden walkways to your suite.

Curio Shop: Take a little piece of Tuningi home with you. We offer a host of other services, too. For a more detailed read, click here.

In Brief

  • Tuningi Safari Lodge offers luxurious facilities while also maintaining a comfortable and homely atmosphere.
  • We have a number of additional lodge facilities like a boma, viewing deck, gym, library, and curio shop.
  • Guests can also enjoy the bird hide, which offers a unique vantage point for wildlife watching and photography.
  • The bird hide overlooks an active water hole, where animals such as elephants, giraffes, zebras, buffalo, kudu, impala, and birds gather.
  • Guests can visit the bird hide in the early morning or at sunset to witness wildlife and take stunning photos.

Stay With Us

Come and enjoy the wonders of the South African bush with us! Browse our website and make use of our seamless booking platform to secure your stay. Alternatively, get in touch with our friendly reservations team directly at if you have any additional questions.

We look forward to welcoming you to Tuningi!

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