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Madikwe Game Reserve Wildlife Checklist

Madikwe Game Reserve is wildlife conservation area in South Africa’s North West Province, bordering Botswana. It is the fifth largest reserve in the country and one of South Africa’s lesser known parks.

Discover the untamed wonders of Madikwe Game Reserve through our thrilling Wildlife Checklist blog post. As one of South Africa’s premier safari destinations, Madikwe beckons wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Whether you’re a seasoned safari-goer or embarking on your first African adventure, this diverse and sprawling reserve promises awe-inspiring encounters with the continent’s most iconic and elusive creatures.

Join us as we take you on a virtual safari, detailing the incredible array of wildlife species that call Madikwe home. From elephants to elusive leopards, and from lions to graceful giraffes, let our comprehensive checklist become your guide to the captivating realm of Madikwe’s wildlife wonders.

As a result of one of the largest relocation programmes in Africa, today Madikwe Game Reserve is home to a wide range of species. It’s unique location in a transition zone on the border of the Kalahari Desert means that unusual desert-adapted species can also be seen. A few of these rarer animals include brown hyena, wild dog and bat eared fox.

Below is a list of many (but by no means all) of the animals to be seen in Madikwe. They have been listed by their English, Setswana and Latin names. Take a look and let us know how many you saw during your time with us.

Large mammals

✔ African Elephant | Tlou | Loxodonta africana
✔ Cape Buffalo | Nare | Syncerus caffer
✔ Hippopotamus | Kubu | Hippopotamus amphibius
✔ Black Rhinocerous | Tshukudu e ntsho | Diceros bicornis
✔ White Rhinoceros | Tshukudu e tshweu | Ceratotherium simum


✔ African Wild Cat | Felis silvestris lybica
✔ Caracal | Thwane | Caracal caracal
✔ Cheetah | Lengau | Acinonyx jubatus
✔ Leopard | Nkwe | Panthera pardus
✔ Lion | Tau | Panthera leo
✔ Serval | Tadi | Leptailurus serval

Nocturnal animals

✔ Aardwolf | Mmabudu | Proteles cristatus
✔ Bat-eared fox | Tlhose | Otocyon megalotis
✔ Black-backed Jackal | Phokoje | Canis mesomelas
✔ Brown Hyaena | Phiri Tswana | Parahyaena brunnea
✔ Spotted Hyaena | Phiri | Crocuta crocuta |
✔ Wild Dog | Letlhalerwa | Lycaon pictus
✔ Honey Badger | Magwegwe | Mellivora capensis


✔ Blesbok | Nono | Damaliscus dorcas phillipsi
✔  Blue Wildebeest | Kgokong Connochaetes taurinus
✔ Bushbuck | Serolobotlhoko | Tragelaphus scriptus |
✔ Common Duiker | Photiko-tswana | Sylvicapra grimmia
✔ Eland | Phofu | Tragelaphus oryx
✔ Gemsbok | Kukama | Oryx gazella
✔ Impala | Phala | Aepyceros melampus
✔ Klipspringer | Kololo | Oreotragus oreotragus
✔ Kudu | Tholo | Tragelaphus strepsiceros
✔ Mountain Reedbuck | Mofele o mohibidu | Redunca fulvorufula
✔ Red Hartebeest | Kgama | Alcelaphus buselaphus
✔ Steenbok | Phudufudu | Raphicerus campestris
✔ Tsessebe | Tshesebe | Damaliscus lunatus

Monkeys and baboons

✔ Chacma baboon | Tshwene | Papio cynocephalus ursinus
✔ Lesser Bushbaby | Kgajwanamasigo | Galago moholi
✔ Vervet monkey | Kgabo | Chlorocebus aethiops

Other Animals

✔ Burchell’s Zebra | Pitse ya naga | Equus burchelli
✔ Cape Pangolin | Kgaga | Manis temminckii
✔ Rock Hyrax/Dassie | Pela | Procavia capensis
✔ Warthog | Makorwane | Phacochoerus africanus

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