Rangers Journal November 2019

By gavintonkinson on December 3, 2019


It has arrived!



We received our first good rains for the season. There is nothing that smells so good then fresh like raindrops on the dry African soil.

So let us start with the great bird and insect life that nice rains have brought us. A lot of our migrants are back and the birdlife is good. All our small and big creepy crawlies have also woken up and are out and about. It is nice looking at the smaller things as well and not just the bigger animals.

All our beautiful wild flowers are coming up and making this wonderful place look even prettier.

Let us talk about what is happening with our lion soapy.

Kwandwe and Monomoholo has been hanging around together for some time down in the South where both of them had the opportunities to grab them each a beautiful girl ( Jamala and Matlapa)and mated  with them, so hopefully we should have some little ones in the coming new year.

We had some very good lion sightings lately of lazy, playing, mating, killing and eating lions.



The yellow tag female cheetah has moved more towards the North West of the reserve where she is looking for a good and safe place to give birth . Yes you heard me right, to give birth! She should be giving birth anytime soon in the next weeks. It is sooo exting as Madikwe have not produced baby cheetah for a very long time. EXITING TIMES AHEAD.

Our resident tom leopard Munye has been seen a few times, and has given us some good sightings of him patrolling his territory and also feeding on a young warthog.

Gavin also found a new young female leopard around Inkwe pan which is very exciting news. Hopefully we will see her more often.

The dogs are out and about with the youngsters but are hanging around the East of the reserve for now.

Rhino sightings have been out of this world of both Black and White. We had great Black rhino sightings and as you know they are actually a lot more difficult to find than the white.

For now, I will say Goodbye and farewell, and will pray for more Rains to come.

Greetings Ruan and the T-Team


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