November Newsletter

By gavintonkinson on December 3, 2015

November News Letter 2015


After a long and patient wait we finally got some rain this month. The waterholes are full and there are beautiful green shoots everywhere. All the cloud activity also gave us some beautiful contrasting color in the landscape.

Stormy Journey 1

The guests have been blessed with amazing sightings this past month. From the extremely rare-
Brown hyenas fight 4

Two Brown Hyenas fighting, seeing only one is something in itself but to see these animals interacting like this was almost unheard of.

Brown hyenas fight 6

They are solitary animals and we believed this was a territorial dispute.

Brown hyenas fight 15

From rare too just mind boggling.

matlapa and jamala kill impala 6


Lions playing with their food. For almost thirty minutes we watched as the Impala tried in vain to escape.

matlapa and jamala kill impala 7

And then they worked up an appetite.

matlapa and jamala kill impala 22


We were able to see our fair share of Leopards as Tsala and Samson graced us with their presence.

Tsala sleeping in marula 1

We were also pleasantly surprised to see an older female we have not encountered before. She had no escape route seeing that the Mika\Jamala pride of Lions was camped at the bottom of her tree.

Female leopard at Pats loop 1


Female leopard at Pats loop 3 for id

Time for some pups! Yes, the Wild Dogs. All nine pups are still doing great. We are so pleased.

Dogs at B11 1


They were camped around the mountain side the past month but have recently started moving around much more. Seems the adults have faith that the pups can keep up. They have been doing great in that regard.


The adults have been hunting very effectively as always and the pups are never far behind to enjoy the spoils.

Dogs at B11 2

They have taken down allot of Kudu this month. We have seen some very fat dogs this past month.


When the puppies are hungry, the adults oblige…


Then finally out of nowhere the Maklapas cubs came out and we had some great sightings of her and her fur balls. They are now about ten weeks old and healthy.

Matlapa and cubs 1

They are three boys with a very bright future in the park. We believe they will grow big and strong and sire plenty offspring of their own one day.

Matlapa and cubs 3

They have been visiting the Tuningi waterhole often, great to see the cuteness from the deck.

matlapa and cubs at waterhole 5

So after a bountiful month filled with rain, babies, great sightings and beautiful sunsets we say, until next time. Hope to see you soon.

sunset on inkwe road

Kind Regards

Jacques and the T-Team