Tuningi Ranger’s Journal March 2019

By Cornelius on March 27, 2019

Hot, Dry and Dusty… Best description for March

With temperatures rising close 40 degrees Celsius and no rain, we have had some challenging days.

The animals moved far for water and food, interrupting their normal movements which challenged us in finding

them a bit more.

But we have had some incredible sightings through out the month and a massive variety of animals.

At waterholes we were properly entertained, from all the big ones to birds.

The waterhole at the lodge was incredible, almost no need to go on game drive. At times you could easily mistake it for the Serengeti.

The two male lions from the north that took over the southern part of the park are making their rounds all over

the extended territory.  Some nights they would easily walk 10 to 15 kilometres patrolling.

The single male cheetah has settled in his solitary lifestyle and is doing well.  We often saw him with a full belly.

We were also lucky enough to see both the packs of Wild Dogs, even when the full moon made it difficult to determine where they would be next.

The original pack of 6 are still doing well.

The newly bonded pack of 8 are still settling and sorting out the hierarchy but they all healthy.

We truly struggled with leopard sightings. There were no tracks of any leopard for us to follow for a long time.

We finally got to see Munye which ended the dry spell of more than a month of leopard sightings.  This made the finding so much more rewarding. We tend to forget how easily they can disappear for a day, a week or a month.

Time is running out, but we hope for some rain.

There are very few of the waterholes with water which is not a good sign as the water there is will have to last the coming winter.

The month had its ups and downs with game viewing, but that is what the African bush is about, it will decide what we get.

With every sunrise we are reminded that not one day is ever the same, not every season is the same, but what will remain is the beauty of Africa.

Cornelius and the T-Team


3 thoughts on “Tuningi Ranger’s Journal March 2019

  1. Thanks and what a challenge it continues to be and stay.

    The three day stay in Jan is still in very fond memory…. must come back.

    Bernt Schlickum

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