Tuningi Newsletter September 2011

By gavintonkinson on September 1, 2011

Hello Everyone!

We hope you are all doing well!

At Tuningi we cannot believe how quickly September has passed.
We had the most amazing month and were spoilt by lots of new and return visitors. Although it was another dry month, with lots of dust in the air, our guests experienced the best sunsets and sightings.

We were however surprised by a huge thunderstorm and rain on the last day of the month, and the whole game reserve is now turning vividly green! Summer is here!!!

We asked Cornelius to tell you about his remarkable game drive sightings this month and then Christo will enlighten you about the surprising visitors socializing at our waterhole….

Well where do I start? I just got settled in here at Tuningi and felt at home from day one and had the most incredible sightings. Here is just a few of them.

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We had great weather as summer came quickly and with that, new life. A quick thunderstorm over the weekend helped everything on and settled the dust for a while.

As you know the Big Pack of Wild Dogs had 11 puppies and I am happy to inform you that we saw them at Tshukudu dam in the east 2 weeks ago. All the youngsters were still there and very healthy, since they ate a kudu that morning.

When we arrived all the dogs were still sleeping and we struggled to view them properly in the long grass. We decided to go for drinks and waited for the temperature to drop a bit.

As we returned to the dam after sundowners, they were more awake and the youngsters were very playful. Perfect photo opportunities followed as they went up the dam wall with the sun setting behind them. The far drive to the east turned out to be worth it as we had an awesome sighting of the Madikwe Painted Wolfs.


Leopards are a rare sighting in Madikwe but this guy, the Maokeng Male as he is known, shows himself more than other leopards. He was found high up in this Weeping Wattle with a Warthog that he killed.

You could see him from far away as it was the biggest tree in the area. He was lying on his kill for 3 days, proudly looking around as possibly every guide and guest in Madikwe watched in awe.

Tlou Dam also delivered a bunch of fun and weird sightings.
Elephants turn into kids as they get close to the water on a hot summer day. Some will dive into the water completely submerged and others will kick mud around and spray water everywhere.

The 3 female lionesses that had the 8 cubs are well and all still healthy. The youngsters are always fed and growing by the day.


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It doesn`t matter how or where you spend your day in Madikwe, there will always be a sunset that ends the day perfectly.

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Not only were game drives exceptional and exiting this month. Even staying at the lodge and spending some time at the watering hole would have provided you with some great game viewing. Everything from the normal game like impala, zebra and kudu to the big 5 have been visiting our watering hole this month.

The most mentionable was when we had a boma dinner close to the watering hole. Just as the guests sat down to start their delicious 3 course meal the show started. A whole group of Ellies showed up and had a great time playing and bathing in the watering hole.

Then as the last people were making their way to bed the grand finale appeared, a leopard slowly made her way to the watering hole and spent 5 minutes quenching her thirst. But that was not the end, not long after her a big male leopard made his appearance and also enjoyed a sip at the watering hole. Yip that night was pretty amazing.

Then just 4 days back I brought people in from the airstrip, they were tired from a long journey and it was already too late for a game drive, but mother nature still gave them her best, because just as we set foot into the lodge Wilma told us that our favorite black rhino (Hansa) was at the watering hole. What a welcome to Tuningi. Then just as Hansa moved off into the bush a Daggaboy (old buffalo bull) made his way to the watering hole. Wow what a start to a wonderful safari, two of the big five in the first 20 minutes right at our watering hole, now that is true Tuningi magic for you!!

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Well, what more can we say??

Pick up that phone and come visit us soon!
We cannot wait to spoil you with an unforgettable experience.
Have a great month until we chat again and please remember to keep in touch with us through Face Book.

Kind regards!
Cornelius, Christo & The Fabulous Tuningi Team

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