Tuningi Newsletter June 2007

By gavintonkinson on June 1, 2007

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Warm greetings to you once again!

We were extremely honored this month to welcome back some of our favorite guests for the second time. They all agreed that they came back to Tuningi to be pampered, to surround themselves with the peacefulness of it all, to forget about the real world for a while and just to be….

Zoya, who was three when she came to visit in February for the first time, and has turned four, since, of course came to play and learn more about the wonderful animals in the bush. She is definitely our most beloved guest who never misses a game drive and behaves like an angel all the time! She has already promised to return for the third time in November.

As you all know, we are now right in the middle of the coldest season of the year and we are not trying to hide the fact that we are shivering with cold on the game drives every day. This, however, is NO reason to stay behind, as this time of the year fortunately also guarantees the best game viewing ever. So, no matter how tempting it is in the early mornings to turn around in bed and have a good old sleep-in, there is just too much going on out there to miss.

Although, game viewing in Madikwe is very impressive all year round, this time of the year is especially good. Almost every guest visiting Tuningi in June has seen the magnificent seven. This does not only mean that they saw lion, leopard, buffalo, white rhino and elephant, but that most of them also got to see the black rhino, cheetah, and wild dogs!! On top of this, they also came home bragging about brown hyena, spotted hyena and caracal.

To most of our friends visiting Africa for the first time, the beautiful zebra, hartebeest, eland, gemsbok, giraffe, kudu, sable, impala and wildebeest were just as impressive. Even the warthogs, monkeys, bush babies, rabbits and mongoose were cause for much excitement.

Back at the lodge, we have lots and lots of special ways to warm up the shivering musketeers on return from their endeavors in the bush. For starters, the wood burning fires are now constantly roaring in the fire places in the main lodge.

We have also stocked up on the best South African red wines currently available. We serve pots and pots of hot chocolate all day long and have also acquired a fabulous new coffee machine for freshly brewed, steaming hot cappuccinos. After dinner, you will find your fire crackling in your bedroom and a hot water bottle sneaked in to your bed, in the real colonial, old fashioned way, because as you already know, we make it our mission to spoil you rotten during your stay in Tuningi!

We have been privileged to have hundreds of elephants visiting our water hole on almost a daily basis.

It is just wonderful to sit and have lunch while literally being surrounded by elephants. These huge giants look almost harmless when they slowly make their way past the lodge to go for a drink and a leisurely mud bath.

Our guests have sent us beautiful photos of this month’s best sightings.
Steve Ornberg and Greg Ginold sent us this awesome leopard they saw in a tree, and also a photo of Itali’s three cubs munching away on a baby zebra.
If you look back to March’s newsletter you will see how tiny these three cubs were a year ago when we first saw them!!

More good news from the bush is that it is now confirmed that the wild dogs are denning. This means that one of the females now has had anything between 6 and 16 puppies. We will still have to wait patiently for two months to get a glimpse of them, as the puppies only start following the adults around from three months old.

Do not fear! We will definitely keep you posted.

Please phone South Africa – +27 11 315 6194 right now and make your appointment with adventure, true luxury and homely comfort, all at the same time.

See you soon.
Kind regards
The T-team

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