Tuningi Newsletter April 2011

By gavintonkinson on March 1, 2011

Hallo everyone!

We hope you are all doing well!
Although it is supposed to be Autumn at the moment, the leaves are actually still not turning into the usual bright reds, yellows and oranges that is normal for April. The reason for this being that it just has not stopped raining for a moment! The entire reserve is still bright green, extremely dense and wet, as if in the middle of the Summer months. The dams are even fuller than they were in the middle of the normal rainy season! The upside of this, of course, is that the animals are going to have a fantastic winter with no food or thirst problems what so ever. The only thing they will have to do is keep warm!

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I asked Grant to tell you about the game drive sightings in April and our wonderful new toy- the camera at the water hole…

“Well what can I say besides wet, wet, wet. Three weeks ago we had a 150mm in a few hours during the night. Good for the dams but not so good for the game drives. We were limited to only a few roads that are drivable in the rainy season. Everything is still so green and the spotting of animals is still very difficult. At least we know our sightings around the big dams will be good during the winter. The landscapes around the big dams are something out of this world with all the water in and around the dams. The elephants enjoy it as well with their swimming sessions. The picture below is of Thlou Dam, this is one of the dams in the north.


The last three weeks we had amazing lion sightings from lions hunting to lions mating. The wild dogs also made sure we saw them in their full glory as we followed them one morning and witnessed a kill from the start to the finish.

I have to tell you guys that we had the most amazing sunsets ever over the last few weeks. So here are a few sunset shots to make you long for Tuningi and Madikwe again.

The cubs that you guys met in the previous newsletter are still alive and doing very well! The three moms joined forces so they consist out of three females with eight youngsters. Will keep you posted on what the little rascals get up to. We had a few very misty mornings as well and we can feel winter is really creeping up on us. Even the animals were moving slower than normal.

You guys must go onto our facebook page and have a look at our album called Tuningi cam. We have a Bushnell camera trap at the waterhole to capture those elusive animals at night, or during the day. We have seen some interesting animals at the waterhole like black rhino and hyena.



We will update the album every three to four days. So keep checking back. The lioness with her small cubs also made her appearance again at the waterhole and we witnessed her hunting hereon numerous occasions. Well that is what happened on our side the last few weeks. Remember always expect the unexpected. That is why we love it here. You never know what you will encounter.


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Hope to see you guys back at Tuningi soon.

Well, as you can see, our newest Tuningi song goes something like this: “Never mind the weather, as long as we’re together”…..
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Keep well until we chat again
Kindest regards
Heidi and the fabulous T-team

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