Recent Game Drive Highlights

By Tuningi Safari Lodge on February 28, 2024
Images by Ranger, Andrew John Taylor

A game drive is the most traditional experience on safari, usually undertaken in an open 4×4 vehicle allowing you the best views of the surrounding wildlife on the plains of Africa. Tuningi Safari Lodge offers daily drives included in our rates with big emphasis being placed on seeing the Big 5.

Find our most recent sightings courtesy of Ranger, Andrew John Taylor in our latest blog post below.

Zebra males have been spotted testing one other, establishing a hierarchy that would stand for the breeding season. Hyena sightings have also been plentiful of late.

We’ve seen jackals and big male lion – beautiful contrasting to the lush bushveld backdrop characteristic of the Green Season.

The buffalo have been cooling off in the plentiful mud wallows around Madikwe at this time of year.

Buffalo wallowing in Madikwe Game Reserve. Image by Andrew Taylor

Spots have also been on display.

We’ve also seen plenty babies being born.

Andrew Taylor

We spotted a brown hyena snoozing in a rocky outcrop.

We spyed the cheetah brothers taking cover behind an anthill.

And some more big cats.

We were lucky enough to spend a sunset with one of Africa’s most endangered creatures.

And be dazzled by a herd of zebra going about their day.

Game Drives in Madikwe Game Reserve

Game drives are usually the main activity on a safari in Madikwe Game Reserve – sometimes complemented by walking safaris depending on which accommodation offering you choose. Game drives offer the chance to extensively explore a region and see the wildlife and birdlife of the area in the company of experienced guides and rangers. Tuningi Safari Lodge conducts drives twice daily, at dawn and at dusk to maximise your chance of seeing game. A classic safari experience is based largely around the game drive – venturing into the bushveld to search for game in their natural environment.

Book Your Exclusive Game Drive Safari

Book your ideal game drive safari with Tuningi Safari Lodge and discover the wildlife of South Africa. We offer some of the best specialist game drive experiences and have years of expertise in Madikwe Game Reserve to help you make the most of your trip.

So browse through our latest sightings and allow us to help you in planning your dream game drive vacation to South Africa today. Email or enquire via our online booking engine here.


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