Rain, Rain and more Rain !!

By gavintonkinson on February 7, 2014
WOW !!
And the rain is not letting up…. we have had over 70 mm of rain in the last 48 hours, and is still falling as we speak.
This is fantastic for the bush, and all the big waterholes are filling up quickly, but is not the best for game drives, as we were stuck indoors for this mornings safari.

But, yesterday afternoon we got very lucky….
The young male that we have been seeing regularly in the area, has poked his gorgeous head out again, and exuded the grace which only a leopard can in front of our guests.

Young male at inkwe pan 1
Young male at inkwe pan 2
After this, we settled down to enjoy a splendid sunset with over 15 giraffes and zebra walking past our drinks table, while a herd of buffalo passed behind us in a hurry….
Journey at Green house 2
Journey at Green house 1