Lucky rainy morning

By Tuningi Safari Lodge on December 15, 2013

This morning did not start very well for us. After the wake-up call as the guests were having coffee down by the main lodge a sudden thunder shower dampened our early morning game drive spirit. We diced to make the best of the delay and poured another cup of coffee. So after waiting for an hour for the rain to blow over I went on game drive with very jittery guests, too much coffee I suspect.
Usually just after the rain game drives can be rather quiet as the animals are still huddled away in the thickets or laying down trying to stay warm, but luckily for us the Wild Dogs got called in not too long after we left the lodge, exactly what I was looking for. So we’re happily bumbling along towards the Wild Dog sighting when I notice 3 Wildebeest staring of into the distance looking very alarmed, usually a good sign that they have spotted a predator, but what could it be? Then to the amazement of the guests a Cheetah makes its appearance from the bush, then another, and another. The 3 Wildebeest alerted us to the presence of our 4 male Cheetahs, what luck. Wild dogs forgotten we spent a bit of time with the 4 males as they look rather hungry and definitely hunting, but being typical cat gets distracted by the prospect of rather sleeping.
Later on we left to go and find the Wild Dog and got them as they were busy cleaning up the remains of a year old Impala they caught earlier the morning.
Not too bad for a drive that started off with rain and way to much caffeine.