A Last Change Of Colour

By Tuningi Safari Lodge on April 24, 2014

Yesterday afternoon we set off to look for the Wild Dogs in the south of Madikwe.  We made good progress as there were really not much to see but then we were stopped in our tracks by a snake…

Snake Kill2

I am not particularly fond of snakes but I kept my distance and then saw it was a Boomslang, not a very aggressive snake.  I was so focused on the snake; I did not even notice the chameleon behind it.  That’s when I realized (well, more hoped) something interesting was going to happen.

Snake Kill3

The Boomslang moved all over the road to make sure of its prey and then it moved off into the grass to conceal itself.  That’s when the chameleon made a run for it.   The snake came to the road again lifting its head and using its good eyesight to locate its prey.  Both disappeared into the grass and I thought it was over but then I heard a hiss from the chameleon…

I baked up again and waited.  First the chameleon came out of the grass and some time later we saw the snake.  It was quite far away from the chameleon but moved all over the place to pick up the scent trail.  By now the chameleon slowed and the snake went for it.  The chameleon was bitten when it moved into the grass, so the snake was waiting for its Heamotoxin to take effect.  This toxin prevents the blood from clotting.

Snake Kill4

The snake first stopped to “smell” the chameleon, moved away and struck.

Snake Kill5