Gavin’s 2022 Game Drive Highlights

By Tuningi Safari Lodge on March 16, 2022

We’re coming to the end of the rainy season in Madikwe when the days will begin to cool, the rains taper off and the bush will start to lose it’s vivid green hues.

Game viewing over the past few months has been fantastic with wonderful sightings at the camp and on game drive. Head Guide, Gavin Tonkinson has shared some of his highlights from recent months – from wild dogs to elephants cooling off at a waterhole. Take a look below and enjoy!

A herd of ellies stop for a drink at a waterhole. You can spot the signature red earth of Madikwe splashed on their hides. This layer of mud not only protects them from the heat but also relieves them from insect bites.

A black rhino eyes the game viewing vehicle out warily.

A lone cheetah captured at Golden Hour.

It’s always good to see wild dogs (or painted wolves) in Madikwe. Once roaming the whole of Africa, they are now limited to certain areas across southern Africa. They also have one of the highest kill success rates of all the predators.

Oryx or gemsbok are native to the arid regions of Southern Africa, meaning Madikwe Game Reserve is ideal habitat for them. A low metabolism allows these antelopes to survive for long periods without drinking. They get much of the moisture they need from their food in the very dry months.

private game reserves in north west

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Image credits:
Gavin Tonkinson

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