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By Tuningi Safari Lodge on April 13, 2023

Sleep, and receiving enough of it, is an essential component of good health. Prioritising sleep is the foundation stone of overall well-being, but many of us put it on the backburner and an increasing number of adults report feeling anxious around bedtime, either due to life-related stress playing on a loop in their minds prior to bedtime or because they anticipate insomnia.

How strange that such a natural and essential part of life has become so elusive to us. Of course, there are some obvious explanations, like blue light exposure before going to sleep and the advent of electricity keeping us awake long after nightfall. But, the good news is that the bush is a wonderful place to get back in touch with your circadian rhythm and rediscover your love of sleep and all that it represents.

Here is our suggested bedtime routine when staying at Tuningi Safari Lodge to ensure you enjoy a perfect night of rest.

1. A wholesome day

At Tuningi, you will spend your days taking long game drives through the pristine bushveld, where you will be delighted with many rare and wonderful sightings of the beautiful animals that live here.

During this time, the world’s concerns will melt away and all that will consume you is the present – vibrant, alive and pristine. You won’t hear any traffic or encounter abrasive human beings going about their stressful days. The lack of noise pollution will allow your senses to recalibrate and soon, all subliminal stress will seep away.

Sundowners, pre-dinner drinks at the bar and dinner will set the tempo for a delightful evening of fireside conversation and the joy of stories shared, as opposed to consuming whatever happens to be on a television screen.

Already you are well on your way to enjoying a wonderful night of rest: You are relaxed, with a full belly and all the lighting around you remains warm and soft. No doubt there will be a few crickets and nocturnal birds chirping in the brush and perhaps the call of a lion in the distance.

After a wholesome, full day, it’s time to retreat to your luxurious 5-star suite.

2. Turndown

Upon retreating to your suite for the night, you’ll find your bed has already been turned down for you and in the bathroom a bath has been drawn for your relaxation and enjoyment.

We challenge you to resist spending time on your phone at this time. Rather, luxuriate in the hot water, taking time to absorb the nighttime sounds of the bush.

Perhaps you’d like to enjoy a nice glass of wine in the tub, or, simply take a few moments to reflect on all you’ve seen and done during the day. As you wash, imagine yourself “scrubbing away” all the stress from everyday life. Remember, water is a cleansing element.

3. Pre-bed entertainment

We’re all guilty of scrolling on our phones before we go to sleep, but this kind of blue light stimulation synthetically keeps the brain awake long after it should have started switching off.

Try to opt for an alternative source of entertainment, like reading, drinking a warm cup of something or perhaps even some light stretching. It’s difficult to imagine doing this at first, but sometimes, simply closing your eyes and listening to the nighttime sounds will send you drifting off in no time. We have this nasty habit, as modern humans, to try and “gain back” some time for ourselves by staying up too late at night. After all, who wants to close their eyes and immediately be presented with another day of work in the blink of an eye? But, you’re on vacation. All that awaits you tomorrow is another wonderful day under African skies!

We assure you, no alarms are needed in the bush, so take this opportunity to switch off your cell phone and place it in a drawer far away from your headboard. Many scientists now believe that electronics emit radiation when switched on, and you don’t want any of those nasties interfering with your brainwaves whilst you sleep.

Good vibrations, only…

4. Lighting & temperature

Keep the lights low as you prepare for bed. In winter, the cooler temperature sends the body into “hibernation mode,” which is essentially just a drowsy response to the drop in temperature.

Snuggle into your decadent sheets, ensconcing yourself in a world of crisp white linen and mosquito netting.

You’ll feel as though you’re on a cloud!

The benefits of sleep

When we sleep we give the brain a chance to store new information and get rid of toxins. The nerve cells recalibrate, communicate with one another and form new pathways, improving overall brain function.

It is also a time for our bodies to repair and heal, secreting essential hormones, storing energy and rebalancing its internal stasis. Various biological processes take place during sleep, like muscle repair, protein synthesis and tissue growth. Sleep is also essential for optimal immunity and proper insulin function.

In short, sleep is like a natural charger that repairs and maintains healthy bodily function. When we lack sleep, everything else takes strain, but if we get enough sleep, we see an improvement in every other facet of our lives, from focus to exercise.

Join us on a South African safari at Tuningi and experience a night of rest like no other!

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